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Stand for Women

When you buy WeRecycle, you are supporting a woman led brand that actively works towards the betterment of women in our society.

Beyond Recycling

Recycling is cool, you know what’s cooler? Upcycling: we take normal house hold waste and transform them into something special..

A bag with a heart

Each and every product is carefully handcrafted and unique. Everything has an untold story behind it.

What do we recycle?

Our story

What makes us, us

Have you ever thought about how much garbage a typical household or school or office generates? Does it upset you when you look at trash-filled bins or areas? Have you tried to recycle or upcycle your household or office or school waste? Are you conscious about sustainable living? Do you wish to buy products that are environmentally friendly?

If you have ever wondered about these questions, you will find that our thoughts resonate with yours.

At WeRecycle we believe in an eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle that is not just good for us, but is also beneficial for our environment and our planet. We understand that, as human beings, generating waste is inevitable. While we focus on ways to minimize waste, we wondered: wouldn’t it also be great to re-use the waste we are currently generating? This idea inspired the creation of WeRecycle, which converts the waste we generate into usable products that are also aesthetically pleasing.